Here's what you'll get and how your life will become happier...

Volume 1 – Fundamental Happiness Methods
  • Introduction – The great secret you must know to find genuine happiness
  • Happiness Philosophy – The hidden workings behind it all.
  • Belief – Happiness comes only when you know the right way to use belief.
  • Belief Environment – 3 essential techniques for building a happy foundation
  • Hope & Hero Vision – Without knowing these methods, happiness won't last
  • Getting to Your Happy Future – You'll fail unless you know these steps
  • Opportunities – Living abundantly by creating life-changing opportunities
  • Talent Bank – How to get others to eagerly help you build your happiness.
  • Turning Lemons Into Lemonade – No wonder happy people don't have bad days! Learn the specific techniques they use to find "gold" in bad situations.
  • Positive Attitude – Four ways a positive attitude destroys your happiness!
  • Responding to the World – How to create positive "vicious cycles."

Volume 3 – Advanced Happiness Methods
  • Thought: Your Power House – Right thinking evolves you to happiness.
  • Freedom & Creativity – Tapping into your ultimate freedom.
  • Fear & Fun – Removing fear by stealing its power. Thinking as play.
  • Higher Purpose – Deep meaning from the high & noble spirit in your work
  • Speaking & Hearing – Using each part of your brain to create happiness.
  • Thought Environment – How to multiply your brain power.
  • Freedom: How we lose it – Why we give away our happiness on purpose!
  • Freedom: The What-If Game – The life-questions you must ask.
  • Unrecognized Freedoms – DANGER: Listening to this track could make it impossible for you to go back to your old way of life.
  • Suffering – The 19 Must-Know ways of destroying suffering.
  • Acceptance – The master's 20th way of ending suffering.
  • Judging – Ways your parents accidentally taught you to be unhappy.
Volume 2 – Intermediate Happiness Methods
  • Focusing – The hidden microscopes and telescopes of happy people.
  • Goals – What happy people know about creating meaningful life paths.
  • 8 Essential Points – The critical ingredients of happy accomplishment.
  • Failure – Extracting happiness from failure by knowing what to do next.
  • Accentuate the Positive – Happiness isn't unpredictable when you see wisely
  • Perspective – How to look through the "wrong" end of the telescope.
  • Awareness – Using awareness "rightly," to enhance the spirit of your life.
  • Stress – Why you're going to fall in love with stress—not the way you think.

Volume 4 – Spiritual Happiness Mastery
  • Spirit of Craftsmanship – Live the spiritual life of the master craftsman.
  • Quality – The master's greatest happiness secret changes everything.
  • Depth – Opening your eyes to the great beauty beneath the surface.
  • Grace & Elegance – The master's secret ways of living in beauty.
  • Reputation – Quietness of mind from pure intention.
  • Guest Mentality – "Feasting on life" by being a good guest.
  • Goodwill & Kindness – Happiness by being of pure spirit.
  • Forgiveness – No happiness without forgiveness. Methods of forgiving.
  • Gentleness – Be of good and gentle spirit to become happier.
  • Mindfulness – First, do no harm...
  • Empathy – We are all more alike than different. Extending your spirit.
"Hands down, the most profound and life changing growth experience of my entire life."
—Troy White, CEO, Best-selling Author, Calgary, Canada

"This CD collection is easy to understand, a delight to experience, and profound in leading the listener directly to happiness. Julian is truly one of the great teachers of happiness."
—Professor Bob Nozik, M.D.
Author: Happy 4 Life: Here's How to Do It
Founder: Association for Happiness Advancement
Board Member: Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

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